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Tips on Choosing Newmarket Garage Windows

Car owners very often use the garage not only for keeping a car but also as a workshop or for other needs. It is very difficult to stay in a dark room for a long time, where daylight does not penetrate at all, and it is also harmful to eyesight. If possible, it is better to install Newmarket windows in the garage. In this article, you will read how to do this.

Are they needed?

Newmarket windows in the garage are needed at least because the room itself is dark, and installing even one small window allows you to add the light inside. In addition, the windows will serve as additional ventilation that help air the exhaust gases, as well as evaporate the moisture. In order to protect against intruders, it is recommended to install anti-burglary fittings on Newmarket windows, or roller shutters, for additional protection.


Typically, the windows in the garage are smaller than in the house or apartment. They are often of either elongated rectangular shape or small and square. The best option is to install vinyl double-glazed windows in the garage. Such design does not require much care and perfectly keep the heat in the garage. Most often, the windows in the garage are set higher than in the house.

The standard size of a single leaf Newmarket window is 55x50 cm and the size of a double leaf window is 115x100 cm. Such windows are easy to assemble, they are able to cope well with the ventilation function and give good additional lighting, in spite of small dimensions.

Types of windows

Garage windows of glass blocks are now gaining great popularity. They are often installed in garages. A glass block lets light in very well but reduces visibility. In addition to good ability to let the light in the premise, glass blocks have excellent sound and heat insulation properties, as well as fire resistance. You will need polymer-cement or cement-sand mortars to install this type of windows.

Vinyl Newmarket windows are often installed in the garage. The space between the panes is completely hermetic, the possibility of fogging is completely eliminated since there is dry air between the panes. Installation of vinyl windows in the garage is performed on rubber or plastic gaskets, or with putty, then fixing them using metal rails.

Wooden windows are also very popular for installing in the garage. Wooden windows are installed on special nails with notches.

Large windows in the garage are rare. However, recently it has become popular to build two-story garages, where the recreation room is located on the first floor, and on the ground floor, there is a garage. So, in the garages of this type and in the rec room, it is desirable to install large windows that allow to visually expand the space, and also add more natural daylight to the room. In addition, a wonderful view of the surrounding territory opens from this window.

The replacement windows process is rather simple.

For replacement you will need a U-shaped gasket made of rubber or plastic and metal strips;

The installation of vinyl windows can be performed at any time since the material from which they are made does not absorb moisture;

Before the installation process, it is necessary to clear the window opening and install the frame into it. Slots should be sealed with mounting foam, after it dries, cut off its excess with a knife. Then plaster and paint the foam, thereby protecting it from ultraviolet radiation. The final stage is waterproofing it with silicone putty.

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