What to Wear Spring and Summer Men’s Mephisto Shoes With?

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RevTek vs EpoxyThe first thing to remember is that the loafers are part of the style of the casual and play an important role in it. Proceeding from this main prerequisite, it is necessary to compile the rest of the set. Surely you know that this includes such items of men's clothing as blazer, cardigan, jeans, sports shirts and stuff. Combine these Mephisto shoes with different casual clothes and you will get an excellent everyday set for going to work or walking around the city.

Now, open men's Mephisto shoes occupy the same positions as lace-up shoes, and you can definitely wear loafers not only with a casual outfit, but also business one. However, not all models fit the same way. For example, penny-loafers, due to their restraint, most fully meet the requirements of the business dress code. In any case, if you combine a business suit with Mephisto shoes without laces, observe one indispensable rule - put on socks.

Another type of the Mephisto shoes for men are sandals. Sandals and slippers are considered one of the most comfortable types of shoes. They are invented especially for spring and summer. Depending on where you are going to wear sandals, they differ in appearance.

One of the most successful models of the Mephisto shoes are sandals with a cross-belt (belts in the form of X or overlap). They are simple, stylish and comfortable. Sandals, reminding the shape of the sandals of Roman soldiers, are also considered quite fashionable and they are very popular among men. These sandals are well suited for shorts with a polo shirt or light trousers.

Mephisto shoes, on which the heel is not fixed, but keeps only on the toe of the foot, are called slippers, or slaps. These shoes are usually worn to the pool, in the sauna, bath or gym.

Flip flops (flip flops) - the easiest kind of shoes, are also welcomed somewhere on the beach or any other informal atmosphere. Flip flops also remind ancient Roman shoes and are necessary for men setting off for the sea resort.

Trekking (hiking or camping) sandals - the name speaks for itself. Such sandals are indispensable in hiking and are good for outdoor activities. Tourist shoes with a breathable, durable insole and reliable outsole will successfully withstand long trips and active movements. A special antimicrobial coating does not give unpleasant odors and bacteria spoil your mood. Mephisto sandals are made of reliable materials and have a solid sole, which is not afraid of any terrains. They have a flexible and soft sole and an intermediate sole with cushioning properties. Fasteners are easily adjustable too.

Of course, if we are talking about shoes for work and official environment, then open Mephisto shoes are not allowed. The hot spring and summer period sets special requirements to shoes. Although they are completely closed, they are made of materials that allow your feet to breathe.

Choose sandals that are most suited to your style, so that your image is harmonious, and try to follow these rules:

  • Sandals are best worn with light cotton or linen trousers. For the office, you can add a shirt with a short sleeve, for a weekend - a T-shirt or polo shirt.
  • Light sandals are usually combined with light trousers, and vice versa - dark sandals with dark trousers, otherwise you will look ridiculous.

    And remember, that you need to keep your feet clean and well-groomed.

    Sandals are great shoes for men in hot summer and spring weather. These comfortable Mephisto shoes will look stylish if you combine them with the suitable clothes.

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